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Sanity in a desert walk

I’ve been losing my mind lately. Not like my dear friend Lynnie who leaves more thoughts behind daily due to Altzheimer’s disease. Not like my good dog Lexie who was unable to find up from down in her world last week because of a vestibular disorder. No, my sanity was easily restored this morning by a cool breeze and a walk in the desert. Out there I discovered that recent rains have robed the ocotillo in rich green and plumped up the tiny palo verde leaves creating clouds of verdancy in the rocky hills. A large puddle sat incongruous on the eternally arid trail and cradled the reflection of white promises of more rain. I found the wolfberry bushes have flowered. Tiny white star shaped ornaments beckoned to bees that drifted blossom to blossom earning their keep. Trying to track the call of an unknown bird, I looked up and saw a peregrine falcon high on the cliff above me, regal head and shoulders in silhouette. In the eastern sky the sun radiated beams of light through a mounding bank of cumulus. The shafts reached towards the earth. And I thought of the lightning that has flashed crazily from the heavens for hours at a time the past few nights.
The website news.nationalgeographic.com has a description of the process of lightning. Simply put, the bottom portion of a thunderstorm generates a massive negative electrical charge. As the storm nears the ground, positively charged particles on earth travel up tall things; like trees, buildings and people and rise in tendrils of attraction to the negative charge of the storm. A channel is formed when two charges meet and the electrical transfer through that channel is lightning.
Perhaps in a similar way people like me who must walk in nature to thrive, generate threads of awareness that reach out from our selves and channel positive energy, sparking flashes of appreciation. Because I felt such a sensation this morning, as the wonders of nature washed through me and made me sane once again.